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Ujjain branch of ICAI cordially invites all of you to visit the ancient Vedic land of Ujjain – Avantipura. Come, experience the holy abode where Shri Krishna and Balarama performed their gurukula pastimes.

In the Varaha Purana, it is described that Ujjain is at the navel or Manipur Chakra of the universe. Thus it is a very important and glorious place. Ujjain has a rich history, heritage and spiritual background. What makes it most glorious is that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Load Shri Krishna and Lord Balarama traversed this land and studied here under their Guru Maharshi Sandipani Rishi for sixty four days. Therefore, for all Vaisnavas this place is honored as the dham or spiritual abode of the lord.
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